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Jeheka Spellcasting

Own your life

We provide Reiki treatments, tarot reading/fortune telling, spell casting and  witchy supplies.
I believe that everyone has the potential to improve their life, but sometimes we all need a little extra help.  I am able to assist you in reaching your personal and spiritual goals through my years of magical and spiritual practice. Explore the site and see how I or my colleagues  can help you improve your life today.

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My Journey

My magickal life journey began early on. Some of my earliest memories are spending time in nature speaking with the trees and animals. I chuckle at my five year old self attempting to call the wind. Our paths are never straight and mine definitely has had many twists and turns. My passion for witchcraft and the old ways has driven me to explore many different genres of the craft and this has enabled me to strengthen my skills in healing and spellcasting. I am certified in past life regression hypnotherapy and Usui Reiki Master Teacher. I continue to develop my knowledge in areas of interest. This journey shall continue to surprise me and challenge me. This is what I love about the path of magick!

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Reiki Treatment/Spell casting/Tarot Readings

We provide spellcasting and /or ritual work to help clients achieve their goals in life. We also include consultations in order to discuss your needs and construct individual plan to meet your goals. We offer Reiki treatments, spell casting and tarot readings. Check out our team of professionals and see how we can help you today.

Energy Healing

Reiki Energy and Healing Treatments

Service Subitle

Both Myself and partner are certified Usui Reiki Master Teachers. We offer both distant treatments and in person. We also provide Usui Reiki courses Level 1 & 2 For details please check out reiki in the services tab at the top of the page.
In person 60 min treatment £30
Distant 30 min treatments £15
Reiki Level 1 £100
Reiki Level  2 £150


Spell Casting

I perform individualized spells and rituals to suit your needs, be it for love and relationships, luck and prosperity, career, protection, blockages and many more. I focus on using varied methods of modern witchcraft to produce results that will work for our everyday day lifestyle. All spells will include a consultation to identify the most effective approach and will be tailored to your individual situation. in touch with me to see how you can benefit from working with me today.

To book spellcasting please email me at or purchase through the shop.


Tarot Reading / Fortune Telling


Bernie is our professional reader who performs divination via tarot, runes and other methods of spiritual communication. 

How I perform my readings:
I shuffle my cards asking the angels / spirit to guide me. Depending on your situation and questions asked, I lay the cards in an orderly manner to get the answers you require. There are various layouts for love / financial questions / career, that I use to get the best possible answers. Questions will be answered direct and clearly. Questions will need to be asked specifically and not in a round about manner as tarot is very direct. I can always help with how to get the best answer for your situation if you feel stuck, and I may contact you about this or suggest something else / another way to ask. Please note that tarot will read current energy and can predict the near future. I use tarot as a tool but I get messages from spirit too. Guidance will be given with each reading in order to get the best result of situations that may arise. If guidance is not followed accordingly, this can hinder outcomes to your desired results / predictions.

Please keep in mind tarot is a snapshot in time and situations can change as you move through your life. Tarot should be used as a tool to help aid your life choices or to get a more in depth understandings of the unknown. You have the ability to change your destiny and tarot provides valuable information to do this.


Past life regression hypnosis and spirit guide contact 


This has become one of my most popular services, with clients from near and far scheduling sessions with me. During this special service, clients will be able to connect with past life experiences and their own spiritual guides and angels, to form a connection with the divine world. This can be a wonderful method of healing past life trauma or just learn more about ourselves.  I am certified in past life regression hypnotherapy and have really found this to be one of my favourite practices.  

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I come from a conservative back ground and was apprehensive. My son in fact was the one who found this site and urged me to give this a try. My house was up for sale for over a year and although people would view it I had no offers. After a consultation I elected to proceed with two part spell casting, and I had an offer and sold in three days.  Amazing!


Just the best! I am so happy with this service. I was having difficulties with confidence in my sales business and career goals. After having a spell preformed for me my business is going from strength to strength and I am enjoying interacting with new clients and building my enterprise. Thanks so much!


Prosperity Spell: I got a raise... Thank you so much


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"Beloved, gaze in thine own heart,
The holy tree is growing there"

William Butler Yeats

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Our Team Of Professionals

Jeheka Spellcasting is so happy to be able to provide exceptional services, true results, and professional guidance to our clients. Our services have changed the lives of so many people and we are grateful to be able to share this journey with you.

Jeheka (Jess)

I have always been a very spiritual person. I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of spirits, guides ancestor's and other unseen forces. I have spent many years exploring the mysteries through magick and meditation, continually growing and seeking knowledge in this vast field in order to enhance my life and others around me. I am an eclectic practitioner who focuses on adapting modern magick and rituals to suit our every day needs and personal situations. I love helping clients access hidden energies and strengths with in themselves to live a fuller life and achieve their goals. I often incorporate nature within my practice and enjoy working with herbs, plants, earthly energies and beings. I believe in mastering a balance of light and dark within and embracing your truest self.



Reiki/occult practitioner and powerful healer. 


Professional Tarot reader and Physic

For the past 10 or so years, I have delved into reading tarot, as well as many other spiritual practises and over time, my interest and skills have developed profusely. Spirituality has been a very big part of my life from a young age and something I thrive in, as well as now, being able to confidently help others when it comes to challenging situations. I am a mother of three beautiful children and live in the gorgeous countryside of Northamptonshire. I enjoy being out in nature and in tune with everything around me. I am also a qualified Life and Mindfulness coach, Reiki 1 practitioner (yet to do Reiki 2).

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Chudleigh, Devon

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