About Me

I am a practitioner of witchcraft and the occult with many years’ experience. I primarily focus on spellcasting and rituals to help people enhance their lives. I mainly work with earthly magick and spirits, but occasionally will work with celestial beings if needed. I work intimately with the Goddess Hekate and have had a close relationship with her for many years. 
I have always been a very spiritual person. I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of spirits, guides, ancestors and other unseen forces. I have spent many years exploring the mysteries through magick and meditation, continually growing and seeking knowledge in this vast field, to enhance my life and those around me. 
I am an eclectic practitioner who focuses on adapting modern magick and rituals to suit our everyday needs and personal situations. I love helping clients access hidden energies and strengths within themselves to live a fuller life and achieve their goals.  I often incorporate nature within my practice and enjoy working with herbs, plants, earthly energies and entities. I believe in mastering a balance of light and dark within and embracing your truest self.
I provide spellcasting and ritual work to help my clients fulfil their needs. I offer consultations in order to discuss your needs and construct individual plan to meet your goals. All services and charms are bespoke and tailored to each persons needs.