I have been working as a spellcaster for many years and love using 7 day ritual candles in my own practice. This banishing ritual candle is great for removing the unwanted in your life.  These are my personal 7 day ritual candles I use and find them to be simple yet very affective.  I infuse all my dressed candles with my special blend of  banishing/removal herbs along with corresponding oil. Herbs and oil has been impregnated into the candle and sealed over to ensure even burning and prevents from snuffing the flame. All herbs and oil have been blessed and charged accordingly. Candles are ready to use. I have also included simple instructions for those who are new to using these candles.  

Please use these with safety in mind and do not leave burning unattended.

7 Day Banishing / Removal Candle Dressed Blessed and Charged

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