Pentagram witch supply storage box is a perfect size to keep all your witchy materials. This is a great add or beginning kit for your collection. A fabulous gift for your witchy loved ones!  This box is designed to either enhance your collection, to be used in protection or dark magick. 

All herbs are of the highest quality, organic and locally sourced where possible. The box includes: 

Hand crafted pentagram box

Black scrying mirror

Pack of dragons blood incense 

Incense holder 

2 black altar candles ( these are solid black so could be used in spell work too)

black spell candle

White spell candle

Spell candle holder - style may vary

Black salt

Rock salt

Purification and protection oil 

Empty spell bottle

2 empty charm bottles 

Purification bath ritual

handmade divination incense 

Large tea light candle blessed and charged for protection

2 small tea light candles blessed and charged for divination and protection



Black peppercorns




Poppy seeds

Black Witch Pentagram Box Supplies