Sometimes life can be a bit overwhelming and we need a little extra help, be it cleansing your aura, relationship matters, love, luck, wealth, prosperity or that annoying gossip at work or . I provide personal spell casting and rituals that can help better your life. Please contact me to arrange a consultation (free) to discuss your needs. Basic spells start from £25 however if more complicated or extensive work is required then costs start at £79.99. Many of my rituals are performed daily for 7 days and this requires considerable time and energy.

Magick does not always work in the way you may expect; spells will often take the path of least resistance. It is important to thoroughly consider what you are asking for, as once a spell has been cast it cannot be undone. I will work to identify all options for you and what will be best suited for your situation. I take no responsibility for any negative or unexpected results from the spell work. As stated above, magick does not always work in the way you expect. As a result I offer no refunds for spells that have been cast.

Customized Spell casting