Charm/Juju bags to attract love/self love..  All ingredients are blessed and charged in accordance to appropriate astrological timing. Every bag is made to order with your personal situation in mind. 
Please contact me for your specific request and I can tailor this to your needs.

Love Charm/Juju/Mojo Bag

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  • Charm bags are temporary and tend to last anywhere from 3 – 8 months depending on your situation and personal energy.  Please keep these on your person or as close to you as possible.  These can take some time to align with your energies so please be patient.  As with all spells these will assist in manifesting results quicker if you do your best to forget that it is there.  When you feel that the charm is no longer working, please dispose of by either opening the bag and burying the ingredients or rinse the bag thoroughly with running water before putting in the bin.  While disposing in your chosen method please recite, “I release the energies into the universe to be recycled and renewed,” or a version of your own choosing.

    Disclaimer – all ingredients are natural however if ingested by adults, children, or animals they could be hazardous.