These magical herb blends are blessed and charged with intent and ready for use in your craft. These can be used to dress candles, cauldron brewing spells (not to drink) make into incense, working with poppets, etc. Get creative! 
Love- This can be used in attraction spells to bring a lover, self love, or general love work. 
Protection- Wood witch- This has forestry protection as I so love working with trees! This is also fabulous for cleansing. 
Protection/Cleansing - General- This is an all purpose blend of herbs that are great for purification and protection.
Prosperity/Wealth - Great for working spells to attract abundance! 
Relaxation- Amazing blend of herbs to help with stress, anxiety and healing purposes.
Healing- General blend for emotional, and spiritual healing. 

Please contact me if you have any questions. 
Please do your research on herbs before using these in a bath or using on your skin. Do NOT ingest as some of the herbs are unsafe to ingest.

Magical Herbs blessed and charged apothecary, love, anxiety relief, healing, pro