Fabulous little oil burner gift set. Great to treat your self or give to a loved one. Small and pretty, these are perfect to provide you with yummy scents!
I hand make my oils and all of them are magical oils that can be used either in spell work or stand alone. These can be used to dress candles, consecrate items, anoint yourself (be wary if applied to skin as can cause reaction) or used in an oil burner.  This will bring a lovely scent into your home along with the magical properties it has. 
Please message me with the oil of your choice upon purchase.

Included  is :

Oil burner
1 magical oil 
1 apple wax melt
1 large tea light candle blessed and charged with love - Do not use in oil burner
1 small teal light candle blessed and charged with protection - Do not use in oil burner
1 regular tea light candle (to be used in oil burner)

Aphrodite love oil
Magic circle oil (protection)
Protection & Purification oil 
All purpose love oil
Moon oil
Hecate oil
Angel healing oil
Jupiter oil
Money attraction oil
Fast luck oil
If you have a specific request let me know and I can tailor to your needs x

Oil Burner Gift Set