Ritual baths are a great way to bring wanted energies into your life. You can use these to gain self confidence, self love, attract a lover, protection, gain wealth/ prosperity and many others. All ingredients are natural and of high quality. Some herbs may cause allergies in individuals, if you suffer from any allergies please let me know at purchase and I can customize this for you.  
Included is the following
Ritual bath soak
Quartz crystal
Spell candle 
Ritual spell

1. Self Love/ attract love   
This ritual will help attract love to you be it for yourself or for another. I have included instructions and prayer that will help enhance your results.

2. Self Confidence
This ritual helps to bring the needed energies and help you with confidence as well as illuminate your personal aura to attract positivity towards you. 

3. Protection
This ritual will strengthen your aura and add protection for mind, body and spirit. 

4. Custom
An option if you are looking for any other ritual baths such as abundance, drawing money, relaxation/anxiety ease etc.  Just message at check out and we can discuss your needs.

5. Third eye
This ritual bath will help align your vibrations to open your third eye. Please note this is not an instant third eye opener but assists in getting you to the place you need to be.

Ritual baths Self love, Self confidence, Protection, Third eye , Custom