Fantastic little travel kit. Very light weight and the handle makes it perfect for carrying on your adventures. 
Included is 
Small chest
1 black spell candle
1 white spell candle
Spell candle holder
Bay leaf
1 small blessed and charged tea light candle


PDF of spells, techniques and correspondences which includes Includes:

Witches AlphabetCandle colour chartCasting a circleCauldron good vibes recipeCharging herbs and crystalsCorrespondences of herbsElements signs and correspondencesExtra tipsGrounding exerciseHoly water and cleansingLove SpellMoney SpellMoon PhasePendulum boardPendulum calibrationProtection ritualSpiritual bath ritualStones/Crystals correspondencesWater spellWitch’s toolsPlease confirm email address to send PDF at check outAltar candle holders seen in picture are not included

Small witches travel kit pagan wicca witchcraft box