We offer real, authentic tarot and divination readings. All readings will be done via email. This allows the work to be done in sacred space in a meditative state so that reading are as accurate as possible. 


How this works- This is a one question/topic reading, this can be discussed before purchase. Once purchased, and you have provided your question, we will perform the reading and send you a written response to you. PLEASE NOTE:- the simple tarot reading for £9.99 will only have a brief written review of your question, the detailed tarot reading for £19.99 will come with a full detailed written response, taking into account multiple factors, challenges and benefits to your question.

We will typically get back to you within 24 hours, however this can sometimes take longer for complex readings due to time spent in meditation and/or the number of readings being performed.

Please keep in mind tarot is a snapshot in time and situations can change as you move through your life. Tarot should be used as a tool to help aid your life choices or to get a more in depth understandings of the unknown. You have the ability to change your destiny and tarot provides valuable information to do this.

Readings are performed by my partner Chance. He is an occult practitioner and amazing card reader. 

If you would like to speak in person this can be arranged please feel free to contact us. 

Tarot Card Reading (simple)