Healing, Spiritual growth, Spell casting and Guidance

We provide spellcasting and /or ritual work, reiki treatments and tarot reading. We have a great team of professionals in the craft to help clients achieve their goals in life. We als offer consultations and guidance in order to discuss your needs and construct individual plan to meet your goals. All services and charms are bespoke and tailored to each clients needs.

Spell Casting

I perform individualized spells and rituals to suit your needs, be it for love and relationships, luck and prosperity, career, protection, blockages and many more. I focus on using varied methods of modern witchcraft to produce results that will work for our everyday day lifestyle. All spells will include a consultation to identify the most effective approach and will be tailored to your individual situation. Spells range in complexity depending on your needs and budget and can take the form of simple one off spells to 7-10 day workings. I am an eclectic modern witchcraft practitioner and work with varied spirits and Deities. Check out our FAQ section in regards to how spells and magick work and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.  Get in touch to see how you can benefit from working with magick today.

To book spellcasting, tarot readings and spiritual consultations please email me at or purchase through the shop. 

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Reiki Treatments

Reiki is energy healing that helps with many aspects of mind, body and spirit. This is a form of energy treatment that can help us to heal, ease pain, provide relief from anxiety, help with emotional states and imbalances, open our awareness and connect to out higher conscious, align our chakras, help us to flow in harmony with life around us and the universe and much, much more. 

Myself and Sean are certified in the Usui reiki tradition and trace our masters and lineage back to Dr Usui himself. We take great care in helping our clients to achieve results. Reiki is a powerful and extremely affective treatment to assist in your wellness and mindfulness. 

We offer in person treatments as well as distant healing.

In person sessions are £30

These are typically 45min treatments however plan for 50-60mins from start to finish. We typically discuss your needs and go from there. 

Distant sessions £15 

This is done by sending the reiki energy to you in the comfort of your own home or place of choice.  This typically takes around 20-30mins per session. Distance reiki is no less affective and I have seen fantastic results for many people. Although in person treatments can provide a more intimate experience, the distant reiki can be more convenient and easer to schedule especially for those with hectic lifestyles or those who just do not feel comfortable being treated in person. We generally speak via email but we are always happy to chat via phone before or during the treatment. We schedule a suitable time for you to be able to receive this energy undisturbed, its that simple! We often refer you to a meditation video to help assist and relax you. Its a wonderful way to assist in healing and alignments.

If you are interested in reiki treatments you can either hit the get in touch button or purchase via shop. Please feel free to read the FAQ section for more information.

Channeling Golden Vortex healing energy  - female hands held open and palms upwards with a

Fortune Telling  / Tarot  Reading

How I perform my readings:
I shuffle my cards asking the angels / spirit to guide me. Depending on your situation and questions asked, I lay the cards in an orderly manner to get the answers you require. There are various layouts for love / financial questions / career, that I use to get the best possible answers. Questions will be answered direct and clearly. Questions will need to be asked specifically and not in a round about manner as tarot is very direct. I can always help with how to get the best answer for your situation if you feel stuck, and I may contact you about this or suggest something else / another way to ask. Please note that tarot will read current energy and can predict the near future. I use tarot as a tool but I get messages from spirit too. Guidance will be given with each reading in order to get the best result of situations that may arise. If guidance is not followed accordingly, this can hinder outcomes to your desired results / predictions.

Readings will be sent out via email with a photo of the cards. Say something like, reading should not influence how you currently conduct your life and taken as current energy and guidance